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EMBROIDERY: We use industrial grade embroidery machines that provide the best quality monograms possible. They are ran by hard-working employees that have been diligently trained to operate these machines and to place monograms center and straight on every item. Embroidery services include satin stitch, fill stitch, and appliqué. These services allow us to provide an almost endless list of possibilities we can provide using embroidery. 

Vinyl: Just like our embroidery machines, we use an industrial grade vinyl cutter. This machine is designed to cut intricate designs on both adhesive and heat transfer vinyl material. Services offered in vinyl are seemingly endless, as our design program allows us to both import images to copy a design and create designs from scratch. Vinyl can be applied to cups, car windows, clothes, bags, and more! 

Heat press: All of our machines are industrial, so it only makes sense that our heat press be professional grade as well! This allows for us to apply vinyl, HTV transfers, sublimation transfers, and more onto items with precision. Unlike when irons are used to apply designs, our heat press ensures a design that will last. Through washing machines, dryers, and everyday wear, our designs will not come off after only a few uses. 

SUBLIMATION: Sublimation uses ink to transfer designs onto shirts, mugs, license plates, and more. This type of personalization is transferred using a heat press and special printer. 

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